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Northwoods Convention Center

CHALLENGE Northwoods Convention Center had leaking ribs, especially with ice dams in the winter time. We installed tapered insulation between the ribs, fanfold insulation across the entire roof, and a white Duro-Last® membrane. CUSTOMER Northwoods Convention Center WHAT WE INSTALLED Duro-Last® Prefabricated Vinyl Roofing

Cranberry Creek Pumphouse

CHALLENGE The roof had a failing Built Up Roof (BUR) and we needed to make deck repairs due to rot. We tore off the BUR and installed fan fold insulation with a 50 mil white Duro-Last roof. CUSTOMER Cranberry Creek Pumphouse WHAT WE INSTALLED Duro-Last® Prefabricated Vinyl Roofing

Olympic II Family Restaurant

CHALLENGE Olympic II Family Restaurant previously had a ribbed roof that leaked because of ice dams and penetrations. From the beginning we knew that vegetable and meat oils coming from vents needed to be taken into consideration. Something many roofing companies overlook is the fact that these oils can rapidly deteriorate a roofing system. We first… Read more »

Valley Screen Print

CHALLENGE Valley Screen Print had a failing EPDM membrane. We installed a 50 mil light Gray Duro-last membrane directly over the failing EPDM. We also had to remove and re-install a shingled valley as part of this process. CUSTOMER Valley Screen Print WHAT WE INSTALLED Duro-Last® Prefabricated Vinyl Roofing

Mid States Aluminum

CHALLENGE Mid-States had 3″ mechanically applied ISO board insulation with a fully adhered EPDM roof. Over the years, the facer on the insulation had deteriorated and the delaminated EPDM was blowing off in the wind. We installed fanfold insulation with a mechanically installed 50 mil Duro-Last® membrane including a Duro-Last® parapet membrane. CUSTOMER Mid-States Aluminum… Read more »

Auto Select

CHALLENGE Auto Select had a fully adhered EPDM membrane on an under-insulated and leaking roof. There were failing seams and rakes leaked badly. We installed a 3″ staggered ISO insulated deck with a 50 mil white Duro-Last® membrane. CUSTOMER Auto Select Stevens Point, WI WHAT WE INSTALLED Duro-Last® Prefabricated Vinyl Roofing

Wolfe Residence

CHALLENGE Mr. Wolfe had a fully adhered modified bitumen peel and stick roof system on his wood deck. The roof had been damaged by hail. We installed fan fold insulation and a 50 mil light gray Duro-last® membrane on the Wolfe home. CUSTOMER Wolfe Residence WHAT WE INSTALLED Duro-Last® Prefabricated Vinyl Roofing