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When we make a roof survey, we make a determination what the needs of the owner are; also we make a determination what roof system we can install on the roof. Then we bring options to the table to the owner with various roof systems.

With coated roofs we offer 10 year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranties on materials and labor – 15 year  and more; when the warranty expires the coatings can be cleaned, any repairs need are made, and more coatings applied – thus making a sustainable roof system and being able to offer another manufacturers NDL warranty.

Coated roofs offer durable, elastomeric roof coatings and seam sealing for commercial and industrial projects. Most coated roofs are white, thereby reducing energy costs by decreasing roof surface temperatures associated with darker roof surfaces

For roof coatings we offer:

  • Acrylic Latex Roof Coatings – we can install these on many roofing substrates. We need positive drainage (no ponding) for this system. We can offer a full system warranty on many of these roofs.
  • Fluid applied rubber coatings systems offer excellent adhesion to many substrates and make the perfect solution for leak repair and maintenance. The high corrosion resistance gives long term protection to even rusty metal roofs.
  • Some roof require a Silicone Coating that has a improved ponding water protection; Silicone Coatings have excellent fungal and algal resistance, even in high temperatures. Silicone has excellant weathering, dirt and chemical resistance.

Each type of “Coating” has its own strengths; we make the determination which one suits best the needs for the end result for the customer.

If you need assistance with your commercial or industrial roofing needs, you can reach  Dynamic Alliance Roofing LLC at (715) 421-1845.